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    I changed my audio room around and in the process changed the location of my router to a DSL Line using a mesh network. I was unable to remove my network share from the Discover Server so I did a factory reset. The problem is that the Roon Essentials software will not find the server no matter how long it looks for it. I have an iPad with network tools and searching the network the Server is one of the devices that shows up. I have even copied the IP address to the software but it still will not locate the server. I am at a loss. Can someone give me guidance as what to do next.

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Darbonne,

    Is the light still flashing on the front of the Discovery?

    I had a user with a similar problem last week. Can you make sure that the Discovery is fully updated? There are two updates that need to be processed.

    Try doing the factory reset again. Not very often, but sometimes I see that the update just need to be re-done.

    If all else fail, send me an E-Mail: and I’m sure we’ll get you listening again.

    Respectfully, Charles Mallari

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    ohhh that is pretty interesting

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