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    I have read A LOT of speaker reviews on the internet over the past month. I am interested in the Uni-Fi UB5 speakers and have questions I hope others will be able to answer.
    In general, I have a very small music/office room (8’x9′). I mostly enjoy acoustical, jazz, vocal and pop music at a low to middle volume. My primary intrest is a detailed and stable soundstage.
    My current speakers are KEF Q100’s placed about 5′ from my sweet spot. I want a sweet spot wide enough for two listeners at a low to medium volume.
    Due to my small space and nearfield setup, would the Debut 2.0 B6.2 be a better option or should I investigate other options. My budget is around$1000.00

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    Charles Mallari


    I know that many will say the only way to know is to listen for yourself and I honestly feel this way.

    I will recommend play with positioning and toes more on your current to see if you can get a wider sweet spot.

    As for comparing the Uni-Fi to the Q100/Q150, I think it speaker volumes of the Uni-Fi that they are often compared to the LS50. In fact, this is a great article.

    In a nearfield setup, the concentric design is very beneficial to a the overall sound. Also, the Uni-Fi is the 3 way design is more condusive to a more detailed and stable soundstage.

    Charles Mallari

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