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    I purchased the uni-fi uf5 for my fronts but would like ideally to match the rears and center channel. Given the specification of my NAD 758 V3. Can I add to rear towers (over kill I know but harder for kids to knock over) and a center channel and not expect to suffer power issues (and watch my amp glow like a fire). I do have a pl200 subwoofer so I could potentially cross over at 60/80hz. I don’t have any requirement to upgrade to 7.1 so potential the amp should have a few extra watts to pour on. My current rears and center are AJ pioneer towers and center channel. I appreciate any advice you might have. Room is around 11ft x 15ft ceiling is high 17ft slanted.

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Jehickm,

    Based on specifications it looks like that NAD758V3 should have no problems powering the proposed speaker. And it should sound great without heat concerns.

    Charles Mallari

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