Must the subwoofer be attached to sub out for blending?

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    If I connect the speaker amp outs, to a subwoofer pass through to sats, does base blending eq still work. How should I select speaker size in relation to the external sub crossover if it still blends?

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    Charles Mallari

    Hey BNaman,

    Just wondering, why would you want to do this?

    No it wouldn’t “blend” the speaker to the sub. The Element Amp would not be able to change the levels of the subwoofer and the satellite. It may still apply auto EQ to the speaker/sub-woofer combination though assuming you are using the speaker output of the amp to the subwoofer.

    Charles Mallari

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      I tested the Nola Brio Trio Sat/sub system with the Elac amp. I listened for a month with the sub out connection to the sub. The speaker designer didn’t recommend this and wants the sub connected by way of speaker pass through cables for best results. He believes the quality of his crossover components better integrate the sub. I removed the sub out connection and wired in an additional set of speaker cables to the sub and the results were much better than using the Elac blending configuration w/o making any changes to the Elac EQ. His approach is a minimal signal path. I will now reconfigure the EQ w/o using the blending feature to see the results.

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