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    Hi there,
    since many years I use a multiroon system in my home. A year and a half ago I read about roon and was eager to understand if roon could help to bring more structure and more additional information to my music library AND will integrate to my multiroom system (Raumfeld).
    I read your posts about AirPlay, but this doesn’t meet my requirements. Real multiroom is more than that. Do you have any concept for now or plans for the future to support such demands?
    Thanks, ArByter

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    Chris Walker


    Currently the Discovery Music server does offer multi-room audio support. There are three local outputs on the unit itself (2 Analog and 1 set of digital outputs).

    The analog outputs can be grouped together and synchronized. The Digital outputs cannot be grouped with the analog outputs since the digital output provides native output (Sampling Rate and Bit Depth can be different from the Analog outputs).

    You can add wireless zones to the Discovery via the Discovery Wireless protocol (Products to come later this year) and via AirPlay.

    Each zone can play something different or the same thing when using AirPlay (Let me check on the synchronized audio when using AirPlay)


    Chris Walker

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your answers.

    Discovery Wireless protocol … sounds promising. I am wondering if this protocol is compatible to WiFi speakers of vendors like Sonos, Raumfeld, Bose, etc. . Or will it be designed as proprietary protocol?
    Also I would be interested in more information about steering and grouping zones (including audio synchronization within grouped zones, as ayou mentioned in your post), as well as information about routing different input signals to different single or grouped zones.
    Could roon then be the ‘control-center’ in such an environment, adding featured information depending on the zone and/or clustering input sources by e.g. Performer, Genre, mood, …?

    Thanks in advance

    Holger Franke

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