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    Hey guys!

    I’m getting close to pulling the trigger on my first ever decent sound system. I’ll be using it for music, gaming and movies.

    After hours and hours of research, I’ve come across the Uni-Fi UB5 as some of the most critically acclaimed contenders out there. However, I can’t go with a full set of them for my 5.1 – my fiancĂ©e has requested that if I insist on getting Surround L/R speakers, that they be in-wall.

    So my main question here is the following:

    Would I be better served with a “perfectly matched” 5.1 setup, where my front L/C/R speakers are IW-D61/IW-DC51 to go with the IW-D61 Surrounds? Or would I be better off with UB5/UC5 in the front?

    The second question is (you guessed it) with regards to power requirements. I’ve seen this asked over and over again on this forum, and the responses have served to generally reassure me. But outside this forum, all the feedback I’ve seen suggests Uni-Fis can’t be properly taken advantage of without a good separate power amp (which would just break my budget). I’ll be going with a Denon x3400H as my AVR, and while I’ll stick to 5.1 for this first phase, I’d like to know I have enough power “wiggle room” to add some ELAC A4.2s in the future for a nice 5.1.2 Atmos without power overloading or frying the AVR.

    If I’ve understood my research correctly, adding a subwoofer and crossing over the low frequencies would massively mitigate the power draw from the Uni-Fis, since they wouldn’t have to run full-range. That being said, this is going to be installed in an apartment so I am hesitant to pick up a huge subwoofer – I’m currently looking at the Emotiva SubX 8. Would this be enough to take the “dangerous” load off the Uni-Fis?

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Ocean,

    I’m sorry for getting back to you so late.

    In a perfect world, all speakers in a 5.1+ would be the same speaker. In stereo you wouldn’t have one speaker be Debut and the other be Uni-Fi. The balance would be off, but more importantly they wouldn’t blend together very well etc… But in the real world it’s not practical. For example having a floor standing speaker as a center channel, would obstruct view of the TV. Because of this the speakers in a series are timbre matched so they sound very similar if not the same in the higher frequencies. So technically, the all in walls is closer to that ideal.

    Many place less importance on the left and right surrounds as the “only produce effects”. Also because of distance and placement further away from the front LCR if they are off a little bit it’s not as notice. So having the speaker in the front of higher performance is a good idea. It does stray from the ideal though.

    Truthfully, I do this at home with Uni-Fi across the front and original Debut B5s in the rear. But I do this mainly because I we switch them to the front so that friends and family can compare the two series in terms of sound quality. I would prefer to have Uni-Fi all the way around, but it’s a very enjoyable experience and no one mentions it.

    If you are looking at adding the A4 atmos toppers, you will need a speaker to “top” them.

    You are correct the subwoofer crossover will help mitigate the power draw. Just an FYI we offer a small 8″ sub, but both the Emotiva and our sub are capable of playing the frequencies to cover the 80HZ. https://www.elac.com/product/debut-s8-8-powered-subwoofer/?r=us

    Charles Mallari

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