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    I have two unifi-ub5 for front, uni-fi uc5 for centre, two debut b5 for surround, two debut a4 for dolby, and debut c10 as sub. They are powered by denon avr x1300w. There is a bargain for a marantz sr6012 as trade in for the denon. Do you think it is good to change the denon avr x1300w with the marantz sr6012 for my elac speakers?

    Thank you…

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    Charles Mallari


    I was hoping that someone with more experience with either product could weigh in.

    Based on reviews and customer feedback the Marantz should be a good upgrade.

    Charles Mallari

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    Hi, thanks for the feedback. I have just trade to the new Marantz sr6012… Well you are absolutely right. It sounds wonderful, especially for music. Now I have another question, since the new avr can acomodate a 9.1 sistem and my speaker are just 5.1.2. What is in your opinion better to do to upgrade? A 5.1.4 adding elac a4 at the rear? Or a 7.1.2?

    Thanks soo much

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