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    I was wondering if anyone has tried a liner power supply, or the iFi Audio iPower DC power supply with the Discovery Server.

    If so, are you using the digital output with an external DAC or the analog outputs, and have you noticed any improvement in sound?



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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Edincleve,

    I know we are communicating via email. But for others, the Discovery needs to 2.0 amp and that power supply only has 1.8.

    Charles Mallari

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    If one wants a linear power supply, you can buy an Sbooster, Dutch brand created a special Elac Discovery linear power supply.
    But I heard from reviewer that the standard Elac power supply is designed well.

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    I did get an SBooster 12-13v linear power supply over a month ago. It didn’t make a huge difference, but the difference was immediately apparent. I have heard reviewers talk about a blacker background and I wasn’t sure what they meant by that. Now I do. That was the first thing I noticed when I changed power supplies. Although I hadn’t previously noticed much noise with my system, the sound now came out of quieter (blacker) background that made everything sound cleaner and clearer.
    Although it wasn’t inexpensive at $375, which is more than 1/3 of the price of the Discovery Server, I’m pleased that I upgraded the power supply.

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      Ok, so it’s a useful upgrade? Good to hear! I shall consider it. Thanks for sharing this experience!

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    I also received a Sbooster 12-13V yesterday. Now testing it, I don’t know if there will be a differenc. I will also receive the Sbooster Ultra module tomorrow.
    Curious if the Ultra will offer any sound difference on the Sbooster 12-13Volt.

    I have heard from several people that Elac already designed the power adapter very well. Also an audio journalist told me, Sbooster will bring very minimal effects on the Elac Discovery, the Elac power adapter was designed very well.
    I think I will come to the same conclusion.

    You will benefit more from this linear power adapter Sbooster if you use it on equipment with a phone charger or poor built cheap power adapter.

    But I will keep listening and comparing this coming weeks. I always like these kind of tests.

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      Charles Mallari

      Looking forward to hearing your review.

      Charles Mallari

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    What happened to Ralphies’ Review?

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    I forgot to mention an update after the initial hearing test on the 10th of October.
    I have spoken to the manufacturer of the Sbooster, also like me a Dutch guy and if you use the external USB port on the Elac Discovery, do NOT buy the additional Sbooster Ultra Module !!!

    The additional Sbooster Ultra Module will draw power from the Sbooster 12-13v linear power supply and if also an external SSD is connected on the USB port, the Ultra Module will shut down on the Sbooster power supply.

    Sbooster will come with a new version in the future which uses less energy, so wait on that new module.

    But also without the extra module which is an additional purifier/filter and extra voltage stabilisator, the Sbooster linear power supply is standalone a very good addition to the Elac Discovery.

    But I am a very down to earth guy and I think Elac already created a very good switching power supply.
    I also got that from a tech journalist which reviewed the Elac also, the standard Elac power supply is designed very well!!

    Do I suggest to buy a Sbooster Linear power supply 12-13V? Hard to say, I like overkill designed machines so I keep the Sbooster.
    I really think the Sbooster would be an upgrade if Elac had a bad power adapter design, but it’s engineered to well to advice people to say: please buy an Sbooster.

    Ok what is your audio set then Ralph? maybe low fi set and can’t hear the difference well?
    I got Focal Cobalt 816S speakers, each speaker is vertically bi amped (each Focal 816S have one dedicated 2 channel power amplifier, channel1 for tweeter, channel2 for bass and basmid units).
    As preamplifier a nice English Cyrus DACXP with extra separate dedicated Cyrus PSX-R power supply.

    So two Crown K2 power amplifiers with XLR close to the speakers each and a 4 post XLR Cyrus preamp with built in DAC.
    Really a recommendation: Crown K2 silent power amplifiers, straight linear power amps: ±0.1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and not expensive to buy.
    Focal Cobalt S version also cheap on internet, about 400 – 600 euro.

    But keep in mind that the short created Cobalt line has the exact tweeter as the expensive Electra line of that time.
    Often by Focal is stated: same used tweeter material as in top range.

    But with the Cobalt you get the SAME tweeter as from that time Electra! Also genuine W-composite cone material as from that time Electra and not a kind of glass fiber as by Chorus model.
    Attention: Please at least biwire those Focal Cobalt 816S, it matters, bass level will be a little higher for a fuller sound compared to normal 2 way binding.

    I hope this long review made the waiting worth will LOL.

    Enjoy your Discoveries out there and spent your money in nice speakers or a nice NAD or Cyrus preamp. The supplied Discovery power adapter although switching mode, is engineered very well to notice almost no difference.

    I know switching power supplies got a bad name these days, but well engineered: they are very good.

    Keep in mind that there are also lot’s of not well engineered power supplies out there so the word “linear power supply” is no guarantee for a good power supply.

    To keep it clear, the Sbooster is also very well engineered by the way. But save your few hundred euro’s in a stereo upgrade like those Focal Cobalt S version 😉

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    Thanks, Ralphies.

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    Hi…i am a new user here. in my case i have observed when the battery voltage reaches 15.1V the current drops to or close to zero. Of course this is what I don’t want. Turn the voltage to max, connect the battery and set the current to .18A. I find the voltage at 17.7V which is max and the current down to .06A. Disconnect the battery and it reads 15.6V

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    Hi all,
    I am new to the Discovery having purchased one last night. A have ordered an ‘iFi Audio DC iPurifier2’ which fits between the Elac supplied power supply and the Discovery, it will pass up to 24v and up to 2.5A.
    The sales blurb on their website is;
    The DC iPurifier2 uses ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology from AMR, it significantly reduces noise coming from Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) plugs. Just add the unit to any DC power supply (up to 24V / 2.5A / 84W) and the noise will be reduced by a factor of 316x to 100,000x. Simultaneously the background and inner resolution to recordings is brought to the fore. The sound is warmer and smoother with individual elements more clearly defined – just as it would be on a good analogue system.
    I will report back on it after I have got it and have lived with it for a few weeks.

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      hey diki,
      i’m interested in how you made out with the dc purifier 2 as i’m about to buy one for my discovery and one for my router…..would like to hear your input b4 i pull the trigger.

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      Hi Blan,

      Sorry, haven’t been on this forum for couple of months. I must take the iFi Audio DC iPurifier2 out of the circuit and see if there is any difference. It must have burned in sufficiently by now.

      I’ll try to do it soon and post my findings.

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    well to answer my own question (because diki is obviously too busy listening to some awesome sq improvements!)

    holy bat turds is about the only thing i can say about the dc purifier on the discovery……got my ifi today and i’m blown away at the improvement!

    i liken it to the sound i’ve been chasing since becoming hooked on the sound of my uncles vinyl collection played over some impressive equipment back in the 80’s….in fact i still use his burhoe ‘blues’ that were handed down after he upgraded.

    the blackness i keep reading about is now a reality….smooth…..buttery smooth vocals, i thought at first the bass lessened but only to find that i was able to now turn up my subwoofer to actually hear the bass notes.

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      Oops, just scrolled down to see your latest post blan, I’m now looking forward to my test to see if I’ve been hearing the same outcome.

      Glad you’re so pleased with the results.

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      hey diki,

      the sound difference was night and day for me, with the biggest difference at higher volumes…….when you a/b pay attention to your volume level in how loud you can play the same track before distortion sets in (where it becomes unpleasant to listen to)

      thats how i do it anyhow.


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    Hi Guys,
    So sorry for the long delay in replying with my findings. I took the ‘iFi Audio DC iPurifier2’ out of the circuit after getting used to it over a few months.
    I played a few of my favourite tracks at decent volumes, then put the iPurifier2 back in the circuit and listened to the same tracks.
    With iPurifier2 there were slight improvements to the following;

    Blacker background
    Tighter base control
    Less sibilance on vocals
    Wider soundstage
    Better separation of instruments
    Better rhythm

    The Discovery is already a fine sounding bit of kit, given some decent recordings, but all those slight changes add up to an overall improvement IMHO.

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    thought we lost ya diki !

    i’m glad you had the same findings because i knee jerked my observations……but to me it was that noticeable.

    i was never a believer in the whole ‘snake oil’ behind power conditioning and high end cables but since seeing this much improvement is indeed possible i’ve gone ahead and ordered everything from the wall outlets to power cords and a furman 8 outlet surge/conditioner!


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