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    I bought and started testing the Elac B5 for some days and I have to say they are really great, until today…

    I was listening to “In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning – 1998 Digital Remaster by Frank Sinatra” and at some point one of the speakers started to make a rattle noise, from the twitter section. I reversed the cables, tried different sources and it’s always the same speaker.

    Here is a sample of the left speaker and then the right speaker:

    Do you hear the difference?

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    Chris Walker


    Let me have Andrew take a listen. If there is a problem of course we will swap out the bad speaker.


    Chris Walker

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    Thanks! Waiting for the update.

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    Listening more and more it is obvious for me that one speaker has a problem.
    Here is another sample:

    I mean, one speaker sounds like radio with bad reception and the other one is silky smooth.

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