Is the Elac Discovery really also dedicated preamplifier?

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    Can I attach a Crown power amplifier to the analogue out of the Elac Discovery?
    Can the Discovery really act as a ‘real, high voltage preamp to use the maximum of out of my Crown amplifier?
    I couldn’t find the analogue output specs.

    In the past I tried once to hook a cd-player to a power amplifier but the cd line output was too low for my power amplifier.

    So I was wondering can the Discovery Act as a real preamp for a power amplifier?

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    Charles Mallari

    The Discovery does have volume controls and may probably sound good. may sure the volume is low/mute in roon essentials, connecting the unit up.

    As far as “real, high voltage preamp”. The output maxes out at 2 volts.

    Charles Mallari

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    Thank you Charles for your reply! I shall try it out, 2 volt output is enough, so that’s great.

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    ohhh interesting to know

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    Dear all,

    Hereby the update.I have used the Elac Discovery as a pre-amplifier to one of my power amplifiers and it works well, nice control range for volume, so official no need to put my Cyrus preamplifier on the Crown K2 power amplifier.

    I have also tested with the cinch outputs (analogue) to my Cyrus preamplifier and that connected to my power amp.

    Must say the analogue out cinches give very good sound!!

    There is no big difference if I take the digital out (SPDIF) and connect it to my good Cyrus DAC or use the analogue out cinches.

    I expect that the DAC inside the Elac Discovery attached to the analogue out on the back of the Elac, is a very well DAC!!
    Nice that Elac also invested in that internal part to analogue.

    I now have two stereo sets attached to the discovery, my main stereo by SPDIF out and another set by analogue output nr1.

    I even can use a third audio set with speakers to it. Very versatile machine that Elac!!!

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