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    How would “Roon”address an existing iTunes lib sitting on a NAS drive ? would it rely on a server like “twonky” or some other proprietary (“itunes”) server supplied by the NAS manufacturer?
    would “Roon” then retrieve the metadata on it’s own or rely on apples’s DB?

    My itunes lib exceeds the 15,000 titles limit already by far . Ideally I would prefer to continue ripping with iTunes and having “Roon” do the UX. I would prefer to avoid tailoring/cutting down the lib to fit the 15,000 limit, but rather just let “roon” run on the lib right away. What would be your proposal?

    and finally: when will DSD be an option? will you consider symmetric (XLR) analog output or do you regard this as useless eventually?

    kind regards,

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    Chris Walker

    Hi Uwe,

    In the Roon essentials control app you can add the itunes directory on the NAS and the Discovery will continue to monitor this folder as content is added to it.

    As far as the 15,000 track limit, right now this is the limit. If this limit changes we will update the website.

    Currently DSD is not supported as part of the differences between Roon and Roon essentials.

    While the Discovery unit itself does not have XLR outputs, we are looking in to making Discovery Endpoints (Which will use the Discovery Music Server as the source) which can have this functionality. We do not have anything to announce at this point but it is possible. Also remember that the Discovery will output to other Roon Ready Endpoints, they just have to be on the same home network.



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    I’ve had my ELAC Discovery Server for about 3 weeks now and it’s, overall, a great device……..if you have a very small music library. The GUI is wonderful and the sound quality is very good, even using the onboard DAC. I was aware, before I bought the unit, that there was a 15000 track limit on the unit but I didn’t realize, until I started using it, how restrictive that limitation would be. There was also a number of pre-reviews saying that an upgrade would be available to expand the track limit. I’ve contacted the dealer I purchase the server from to inquire about the return policy as I can’t use this device to manage my entire library. It’s too bad that ELAC came up with such a great device and then completely crippled it with a 15000 track limitation. My search for a server/renderer with a user friendly GUI and good sound quality continues.

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