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      New here. I’m considering 5 pairs of the Uni-Fi UB5 for my home theater setup.

      My AV processor is Yamaha CX-a5200 connected to 5 DIY monoblocks built from ICEPOWER 125ASX2 (BTL) class-d modules for the L R C SL SR + 2 additional 125ASX2 (SE) for the heights channels (2×2 using to 125ASX2 in stereo). The 5 pairs of the Uni-Fi UB5 will be used for front L/R, Center, Surround L/R, and 4 heights (9 out of 10 units used).

      My subwoofer is SVS SB-3000. My questions:

      Will the 125ASX2 modules be able to fully drive the UB5 in BTL and SE modes? Are these speakers a good match for the ICEPOWER? (BTL means 450W peak into 4 ohms, and 75W continuous into 4 ohms).

      Can the processors SW to speakers crossover be set to 60Hz instead of default 80Hz? I really prefer the main speakers to be as close as possible to the full range. 60Hz should be sufficient. The UB5 specs stated a frequency response of 46Hz but no db limit is provided. I’m guessing the 46Hz refer to -6db not -3.

      What do you guys think?


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