How to set EA101eq with no subwoofer install ?

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    I feel that my EA101eq may decrease low frequency single to sub-out which I install only CM6 S2. I try take Cambridge Audio Speaker from another system and notice that low frequency sound decrease significant? I can’t find in manual how to tell EA101 that I have no subwoofer install.

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    Hey cyberjom,

    first thing to make sure is that the bass setting is at 0. For that go into the Elac app and then to settings.
    Here you find “Bass and Treble” and there you have a slider for bass. Set in the middle to zero.

    After that, also in the settings go to the auto blend tab.
    There press “start auto blend”.

    First question the app will ask is if you have a subwoofer. Click “no”.
    Then follow through the rest of the auto blend instructions.

    This way you told your system, that you do not have a sub attached and also calibrated the auto EQ.
    You can also turn of the auto EQ feature in the settings afterwards if you like.

    Hope that helps,

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    Thank you!

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