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    Hello, I just bought a Discovery, installed the Roon essentials iPad app.
    How do I put the Discovery in standby? The white bright led stayed on all night, I like to put it to a sleep mode or standby when I don’t use it.

    Greetings Ralph

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    I do not know how to switch it into standby, but the led you can turn off.
    For example:

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    Thank you Klirrfaktor ! You made me happy!
    It worked to turn off the led. Now it’s off for good but better than bright led shining continuesly in my sleeping room.

    Hope in the future the led option will be extended by turning on when you only use the Discovery.

    I shall request in a new topic if there will be an on/off option in Roon Essential.
    Every factory wants to be green/ecology etc.
    24 hours full load turning machines without off button is not from this times anymore.

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    Stupid me this was already initially my stand-by request.

    Please can I request Elac to write a script to create an standby button? Or with playing music after 15 minutes automatically sleep-mode?

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    @elac, +1 for the post of Ralphies.

    No need of keeping Discovery always running.I would also like to have function/script am possible to set Discovery automatically in sleep-mode / standby after userdefined period.


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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Ralphies and Sven,

    I turned off the LED too. But, just out of curiosity, why are you requesting a stand by mode?

    Charles Mallari

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    Dear Charles,

    The reason I would like a software on/off button in the Elac Discovery?
    First reason is that I listen one or two hours a week, so why must it be activated 24 hours daily coming years non-stop?

    Second reason, will the hardware suffer more in the expected life expectancy by being activated non-stop compared to activate the Elac Discovery for two hours a week use only?
    Will the life expectancy be longer if I only turn it on for two hours a week and after listening put it in standby?

    Third reason, environmental view. I also got some LED lights in my house, maybe around 5 Watt led bulb, however during the day I turn off the lightning in house.
    I only turn on the lights when it gets dark. Why keep the lights on although power consumption is very low.

    But I am open for good arguments, maybe you got a good reason for no on/off button, if so, I like to hear it.


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    Charles Mallari

    Hey Ralphies,

    The unit was designed to stay on 24/7 to update metadata and import content on your network.

    The life expectancy is actually shorten by turning off and on rather than just staying on. Kinda like a car.

    The Music server has the power consumption as an efficient internet router. The network standby required to have a software on/off would technically not be anymore efficient that always on.

    Charles Mallari

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    Dear Charles,

    Thank you for your reply, I now understand more why Elac made this Discovery without an on/off button.
    Yes indeed hardware can suffer more from full power turning on at once each time.
    Yes if the energy consumption is very low it’s also not environmental unfriendly issue anymore.

    Yours sincerely Ralphies.

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