How close will the S12EQ get me to IMAX rumble?

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    Most of the local IMAX theaters have “good” bass rumble. Let’s call it a “5”.

    But the one in Jordan Commons in SLC has spectacular bass! Let’s call that a “10”.

    I’m upgrading my home theater with a full set of Uni-Fi speakers. Currently I’m planning on adding an S12EQ. In a dedicated theater room that’s roughly 20’x30′ with 9′ ceilings . . . how close will that get me to a “10”?

    Or do I need to get two? Four? Twenty?

    Or do I need to go get a couple of these?

    In the end, I’d REALLY like to get to a 9. I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to go from a 9 to a 9.1. I don’t even want to buy a second S12EQ just to go from a 9 to a 9.1.


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    Well, I never heard back from ELAC on this one, but I found a guy that seems to be the Andrew Jones of subwoofers and wound up ordering a pair of these. I also have the S12EQ so I’ll hopefully get a chance to post a good comparison.


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