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    Hope they get better after they break in.
    I’m not saying there not good speakers far from it. The mids and bass sound great and sound stage is awesome but the separation of cymbals especially the hi-hat seems lost in the mix. Listening to Shefield disk I’m familiar with going through a Pioneer elite VSX-LX103 receiver
    Was all I could afford. 6 hours in so thinking positive. Not easy finding 4ohm receivers so if that’s my problem I’m not opposed to upgrading but will that make that much of a difference?
    Let me again say at the price point still best I’ve seen.

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    Charles Mallari

    In general, we prefer a warmer, more natural, and no fatiguing sound. So sometimes the cymbals maybe a little more laid back. Sometimes, if you are more acustom to a extremely forward cymbals they may see too laid back. I’m thinking a little more break in may help though.

    But just to check are you using any toe in on the speakers? We recommend toe-in so that they would meet a foot in front or a foot behind your head.

    Yes the Uni-Fi are a good speaker and scale well with better electronics. So a better avr might be a fix, but all things being equal an compatibility is not a concern the Uni-Fi is still prefer over Debut/Debut 2.0.

    Charles Mallari

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