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    I own a pair of Elac B6s.
    I am driving them through a vintage Technics integrated amp.
    So far I haven’t used a DAC.

    My amp is on its way out.

    I would like a suggestion for a nicely paired amp for the B6.
    I do not have a woofer.

    I listen to old Indian Bollywood music, world music and rock and roll from Rolling stones to Led zeppelin to Pink floyd.
    I use an Indian streaming software ( Saavn) similar to Spotify to stream high res audio.
    Also I have 320 KPS rips of most music that I listen

    I listen to music through the computer or phone.
    No longer wish to invest in Cd systems/players.

    I am two minds about the Elac element EA 101 EQ- G amp.
    Please let me know if its a good choice and powerful enough for the B6s.
    Do I need to route it through a DAC?

    Also what other options in Yamaha , onkyo, maratanz would you recommend.
    Again is a DAC needed there?


    Hemang Chheda

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    What is the budget you are looking at? Do you plan to keep this as a stereo setup or do you plan to upgrade to a surround setup?

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Hemang Chheda,

    Yes the EA101EQ-G is powerful enough to power the B6. We use this combination all the time at events and shows.

    On a few occasions we used the Yamaha integrated amps and had very positive results.

    If you plan on adding a subwoofer in the future while both the Yamaha and our amp have a subwoofer out. The EA series handles subwoofer integration better. Our amp has both high pass and low pass filters to sending only mids-highs to the fronts and bass to the subwoofer.

    But if you plan on keep 2 channel stereo, both amps would do well.

    I haven’t had much experience with the Marantz Onkyo or Even Denon.

    Charles Mallari

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    Dear Charles,

    Thank you so much for the reply.

    I have been eyeing the Cambridge CXA60
    I haven’t been able to audition it yet!
    Lets see.

    Which Yamaha amp ( model number) do you guys use btw!



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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Hemang,

    I don’t have personal experience with a CXA60, but customers have said good things.

    I personally have used the A-S801 and a much older but similar Yamaha amp with only 55 wpc. Both powered the Uni-Fi well. It seems like the A-S line is similar with exception to extra digital inputs, different DACs, and a litte power differences.

    Charles Mallari

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