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    Hi guys,

    Question One:
    My music collection is on an external USB hard drive. When plugged into the Elac, the hard drive just keeps spinning forever. Is there a way to stop this when my system is turned off – besides unplugging the hard drive every time? My hard drive is running hot and will wear out much faster at this rate. Please advise.

    Question Two:
    How do I turn off the front LED? I turned it off a couple months ago with the IP address. But now when I try that IP address, no control page comes up.


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    guys….? Anybody?

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Stefan,

    Question 1: This is expected behavior. There may be something on the setup of the Hard Drive that may turn off the HD when not accessed. But this is normal behavior.

    Question 2: I just tested this and it’s still works. The IP address may have changed. In the roon app go to settings > General and the ip address should be under the product name.

    Charles Mallari

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    Hi Charles,
    thanks for the response – I’m not sure my external hard drive spinning hot all day every day when the stereo is off (and there’s no need to access music data) is great for the longevity of the drive, but I guess that’s not an issue Elac or Roon are going to address. I’ll continue to unplug the drive when not in use.

    And I’ll check out the IP address as you suggested.

    thx for the reply.

    Happy Holidays!

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    To follow up on this topic, my external usb hard drive has been spinning non-stop for over a week. Charles, you mentioned “…There may be something on the setup of the Hard Drive that may turn off the HD when not accessed.” Can you please clarify this? I’m pretty sure that having a hard drive spinning all day and all night forever isn’t a good thing. It’s not like it spins non-stop when plugged into a computer.

    Does anybody else on this forum use a usb drive to hold all their music – accessed by the Discovery? Do you have the same issue where your drive won’t stop spinning?

    Bottom line: I’d love to keep my external drive plugged in, but only have it spinning when in use. Helpful suggestions would be lovely.

    And, a solid state drive is not the answer because their capacities are still too limited.

    thx all.

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    For what its worth: my 500 gb attached hard drive stopped spinning after letting it spin overnight. I can see how a larger or slower drive could take a long time. It does this to check dynamic range and sound levels of songs you are not playing, and stops eventually. At one point for some reason I unplugged my drive and when I plugged it back in the whole process had to repeat, but again it stopped within 12 hours.

    I use a small square of aluminum duct tape to tone down the stupidly bright LED.

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      Thx for your input, guys. I’ll try switching off Automatic backup, Volume leveling and Dynamic range. Need to do it before the Discovery/Roon Essentials reduces my drive to a pile of ashes.

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    Try switching off the following:

    Automatic backup
    Volume Leveling
    Dynamic range

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