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    Hi there,

    is there any information available about the energy saving mode of the Element Amp? Did not find anything in the manual. I once forgot to switch it off and recognized that it “woke up” automatically when feeding the amp via USB with sound.

    What is the time that energy saving mode is activated? What is the power consumption in energy saving mode?
    Which source can wake up the amp?

    I am considering to not power off the amp anymore if there is a reasonable energy saving mode in place – that would be especially helpful as I want to connect the Amp with a Echo Dot from Amazon via bluetooth (if possible) or cinch. If the echo can wake up the Element Amp without searching for the remote or pushing the power button would be perfect (as the echo works with sound control).

    Any info about power saving mode?

    Update: Just found the following information on the tech sheet: “Auto Off 120Vac: 5.45W”. What would be the power consumption with 230Vac?


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    One problem, you can´t see if it is in eco mode. So instead of turning on the amplifier you turn it off.

    ELAC, please make an indication that it is in EcoMode

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