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    I apologize for any redundancies, but i just don’t see that much info out there on the very basics of this amp. I checked this out in the audio store and read up on it as best as I can., and on the strength of the demo and the stats on power I’ve bought one. For a half case amp it seems up there with the Rega Brio, but with digital capabilities. I chose this over the slightly more esoteric Pro-ject MaiA DS.

    I have seen some demos on YouTube where this unit is powering floor-standing speakers. I plan on also starting with bookshelf UB5s or the like. Is this an ideal place to start, and what can I upgrade to in your line? What would be your recommend sub $1k Elac Speaker, and upgrade after that? How far can this amp take me power-wise? Im in a small room now, but wont be forever. Do you plan on adding any other components that will work with this, such as power units? I am using with a Pro-ject Tube Box DS.

    I plan on running this primarily with a turntable, but as far as digital goes, I know the unit works with iOS, but I dont know if it works with a Macbook as easily as iPhone. Will it run any Bluetooth signal, or is your streaming device / apple TV required for home theater? How can I add a Bluetooth connection to a falt screen or Blueray player that’s a couple years old? I am new to streaming.


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    Charles Mallari

    These power the UB5s nicely in my opinion.

    One thing to note that the EA Series Amp doesn’t have a phono stage.

    Charles Mallari

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