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    on my ELAC Discovery DS-S101-G (the last FW), the “cracking” of high-pitched speakers (both) has begun to appear. According to my subjective feeling, this gets worse with the replay of the song. I didn’t catch this problem before. Now, after the 15th run, the song is not listenable.
    Now, every time I play Louretta by Agnes Obel via TIDAL, there is cracking in both tweeters.
    It is very annoying when playing my favorite song from TIDAL (piano).
    When I try added new FLAC test songs to NAS, I didn’t notice any problems. No cracking/fails in sound.
    ELAC problem diagnosis is the result of a previous replacement of the signal source, replacements of amplifiers, cables and speakers – NAD M3 (TEAC AH-500i), B&W 804S (CA S30), RCA.
    It’s also OK when you pause playback.
    On cable LAN, Ubiquiti networks, there are not ANY problems, too.
    Can you please give me some advice?

    The song is not the only one, where is this same problem.
    But there, I can the cracking very clear to hear.
    If I use a different input (TIDAL APP) on the same aparature, everything is OK.
    ELAC – NAD M3 – B&W 804S = cracking
    ELAC – TEAC AH-500i – Cambridge Audio S30 = cracking
    WIN10 (TIDAL app) – NAD M3 – B&W 804S = OK

    I see ELAC problem…
    Thank you

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    is there an ELAC Discovery DS-S101-G owner,
    who would try at least these two songs and write if it is OK?



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      I can try this within 24 hours. My setup on the other hand is connected via optical cable if that makes any difference compared to your connection?

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    JoB – Tried playing the tracks on my Elac Discovery DS-S101-G > AdCom GFP555 > AdCom GFA555 > Omega Super 3xrs and everything sounds great. No crackling at all. Hopefully it’s something else (not the Discovery Server) causing the crackling.

    Good Luck.

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