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    I’m having trouble in grasping the concept of roon and Elac Discovery so here is my question. If I buy the Discovery server and hook it on to the network in my office room with an ethernet cable and then connect my usb drive with my flac files to it. Am I then able to choose on the Essential app the Kef LS50 wireless speakers to play the flacs and Tidal through roon? Or do I need to connect the Discoery server to my Kef speakers? Kef LS50s are a roon end point? Sorry if this is confusing but like I said having some problems understanding this;)


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    i’m not sure if it works in that fashion, but if not elac makes a companion unit to the discovery called ‘connect’ which works on wireless network.

    might want to check that out

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    I have my Discovery connected to my network via ethernet. In a different room I have a network player, which is a Roon end point, connected to the network by ethernet, and linked by USB to a DAC/amp. So I would expect your KEF speakers to work in a similar way to my network player if connected by ethernet.

    Or you could use rca or optical cables directly from the discovery to the KEF unit.


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