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    Elac has been showing their new Carina series speakers at the big audio shows in the US this year but not much on the forums nor the Elac website as yet. Basic question, how does this new Carina differ from the Elac 240 line ? Matter of fact, not much out there about the 240 line either. Is this just a marketing ploy to say they offer ribbons in this neighborhood of speakers ?

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello DaddyOra,

    I think very few on the forum have had a chance to listen to the new Carina. So I’m not surprised that there is not much information here about them. Also, we have not released official information on the new Carina. Andrew is still making changes and tweaking to the prototypes.

    As far as the older 240 line, we have lots of information on the website. https://www.elac.com/series/line-240/

    Charles Mallari

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    Charles – any update on the status of the Carina series ? Saw the one blurb from Crutchfield but nothing available as yet.

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    Just got a pair. Delivered from Amazon today.
    I think they are fantastic! I’m hearing things I never knew were there.
    The soundstage is fantastic. They remind me of listening through really good earphones, but with the sound located in the entire space between me and the speakers instead of inside my head.

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      After a month of use, how do these speakers sound now ?

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