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    I just got the Elac Adantes (Af61s and Ac61) and I am having a “phase error” every time I try to run Audessy. Audessy prompts me to switch the wires at the back of the speakers or skip. I checked the wiring and everything looks right. However, I can’t click ignore as the system wouldn’t calibrate properly.

    Just a background of current setup:

    I have my Emotiva amplifier connect using XLR cables to the Marantz processor, but the absolute phase being used by the Marantz is the US standard and the Emotiva is using the European standard. So I was advised by Emotiva service tech in the past to reverse the wiring at the back of the amp with my previous speakers I had before the Elacs in order to bring them in phase. Hence the previous speakers had no phase errors when calibrating after reversing the wires at the back of the amplifier.

    However, I got the phase errors when I replaced my old speakers with the elac adantes. Is this due to the passive radiators in the speakers? Are the Adantes designed out of phase? I don’t know…

    But when I do as Audessy recommends, the systems proceeds with the calibration but it sounds unnatural after. I have to revers the wires to the old set up recommended by Emotiva above to get a fuller sound. I know this sound a little confusing but any help would be appreciated. Why I am getting phase errors only on the Elacs LCR but not on the surround dipole speakers.

    Here is how my system is set up:

    Elac Adantes (LCR)

    Emotiva dipople speakers

    Marantz Av7704

    Emotiva Xpa9

    SVS PB12 plus

    Bluray player


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