Does the EA Series Amp power the UB5’s well?

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    I don’t know anything about audio but the UB5’s were highly recommended and I’m just looking for an amp to power them. I’m guessing because it’s made by the same company that they’d build it to spec for their own speakers like they say on the page. I did have an amp for my old speakers and I thought it would be fine but it’s not lol.


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    OR maybe I’m missing something as I’ve got a “Cambridge Audio CXA60”, but it’s not driving the speakers like I thought it would.

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    The Element does a fine job for me in 12 x 14 room, with a powered subwoofer. The 105 watt receiver I had been using did a good job with the UB5’s as well.

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    I tried my mates tube amp on them today and they just don’t sound that good to me.

    Am I an idiot for thinking my Naim Mu-So sounds better? I just saw these speakers in a site review of how they’re the best sounding speakers they’ve ever heard for the price…

    I just don’t think they’re that good.

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