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    I was prompted by Roon labs to ask this here, in order to get an answer.

    I’m using Elac’s Discovery music server with Roon essentials on board. In order to use it I have installed Roon essentials on my android tablet and the desktop app as well on my windows 10 PC. All three are on the same network

    I’m not using NAS, I use the PC as a network stoge. Roon essentials does not accept in any way my PC’s location folder as a network path in neither the android tablet or thw windows 10 PC. It says it is invalid. Is this a bug, or does Roon essentials on board the Discovery music server not have that feature?

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    Chris Walker


    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The email system which alerts us to new posts was not working properly. It is now fixed..

    I will give this a try today and let you know my results.


    Chris Walker

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