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    Chris Walker

    Hi Everyone,

    The Discovery 1.3 Update should go live in the next couple of hours. This update requires an update to the Discovery Music Server as well as the Roon Essentials App. They both should go live within a few minutes of each other.

    A complete list of the changes in the update can be found below.

    Discovery 1.3 Update – Software Release Notes

    Roon Essentials “Tags” feature has been considerably re-worked and expanded.
    It’s now possible to tag Albums, Tracks, Artists, Composers, and Compositions, Playlists, and even other tags. Like Playlists, Tags can be assigned to different user profiles within the app, so each member of your household can have their own stuff. There is now a top-level browser for tags, so you can see them all together and use them as a jumping-off point.
    “Focusing” on a tag is much smarter in 1.3. For example, if you add a bunch of albums to a tag, you can select “View All Composers” and see the composers that appeared on those albums, or “View All Compositions” to see a list of the songs.

    Roon Essentials 1.3 introduces a re-designed playlist browser, and a brand-new spreadsheet-style playlist screen, with selectable columns, sorting, and filtering support, as well as a tool for locating duplicate tracks within a playlist.

    Track Browser
    Roon Essentials Tracks and Playlist view has been rebuilt from scratch, with new ways to sort and filter all the tracks in your library.
    The new Tracks view has resizable customizable columns, horizontal and vertical scrolling, individual filtering by column, and the ability to view tracks by Path.

    Support for Sonos Devices
    Streaming to Sonos hardware is fully supported in Roon Essentials 1.3. You can set up your Sonos devices from the Audio tab in Settings, and jump right in. Roon Essentials will stream losslessly up to the 48kHz/16bit, and will automatically downsample higher resolution content.

    Automatic Backup
    Roon Essentials 1.3 supports fully automated, scheduled backups of your Roon Essentials database to local storage, network storage, or dropbox.

    Performance Improvements
    Roon Essentials Core has always required a powerful machine to perform properly. While that’s not changing in 1.3, a significant amount of work has been done to improve Roon Essentials performance.
    In 1.3, importing, editing, and other database manipulation is much faster, screens load more quickly–especially on remote devices, remote devices will re-connect more rapidly, and Roon Essentials search engine has been completely re-written, ensuring autocompletion and search no longer make you wait.
    Roon Essentials audio streaming infrastructure has also seen some performance tuning. Roon Essentials Ready devices and software-based RAAT endpoints will experience lower CPU utilization when used with Roon Essentials 1.3, and CPU usage in the core is improved too.
    Finally, our cloud services–the ones that deliver metadata to you when browsing content available via TIDAL, have also been optimized and tuned to reduce load times.

    Volume Leveling
    Starting in Roon Essentials 1.3, we have fully adopted the R128 volume leveling standards. Your music library will be re-analyzed automatically to extract R128 data, and the volume leveling features throughout the app will make use of it.
    We’ve added support for volume leveling based on the album loudness or track loudness, an automatic mode that selects between the two automatically based on the content being played, and a setting that allows you to apply a fixed adjustment to content like internet radio streams, which can’t be measured in advance. Finally, Roon Essentials 1.3 is also able to make use of REPLAYGAIN tags in case you prefer to manage loudness measurements externally.

    Dynamic Range
    Dynamic range measures the difference in volume between the softest and loudest portions of a track or album. It is most useful when comparing different releases of the same material.
    Roon Essentials 1.3 measures and displays information about the dynamic range of your tracks and albums. This will provide some much needed insight into what is going on. Roon Essentials Dynamic Range measurements are based on the R128’s “Loudness Range” value.

    Audio Streaming Improvements
    When using RAAT to stream audio, Roon Essentials now supports fine-tuning of grouped playback with a few new settings that allow you to micro-adjust time synchronization and take control of master clock selection, if desired. The algorithm for managing clock drift during grouped playback has been improved, and should tolerate situations with less well-behaved clock.

    Here is some additional information on adding content and managing audio devices with 1.3

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    The Roon Essentials software on my Windows 10 PC is not checking for the 1.3 update.
    Can it already be picked up from “”?

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      Charles Mallari

      In Roon Essentials goto “Settings” and “About” and there should be a place to download the latest update.

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      Core build 36 that recently updated seems to have some strange queue behavior. When I select a track and choose “play next” the track starts playing immediately and the track that was playing becomes next in the queue. I would expect (and it was this way in bu8ld 34) that the newly selected track would be added to the first next (position #2) track in the queue.

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    In order to go to “settings” the software should connect to the Discovery first, but that is not happening as it asks to be updated.
    The Discovery has already been updated to Roon 1.3 by the android app on my tablet.

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      I solved the issue of Roon 1.0 for Windows not able to update when the Discovery has already been updated to Roon 1.3.
      Uninstall Roon 1.0, then go to and reinstall Roon 1.3 for Windows.

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    Hello there!
    I upgraded my Discovery and app at iPhone and my laptop. Connection between laptop and Discovery is ok. But I can not connect my iPhone. Only searching process.

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      Charles Mallari

      Hey Stakel,

      I’m sorry for the slow response. Are you still having problems connecting your iPhone? Let me know.

      This may happen if iPhone app did not automatically update. I would double check uninstalling and re-loaded the App.

      Charles Mallari

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      Hi Charles,

      Now everythig is almost ok. Just one not good thing. I can make connection only from 3rd or 4th time.

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    Dear Team,

    what a great update – thank you very, very much. Outstanding work!
    My Sonos Speakers are finally an addition to the airplay devices and the wired system, great news and new options for music in the house.

    Things I notice so far:
    Twice I lost connection to the Elac server from my laptop with the updated essential client and it could not reestablish it, only manually restarting the server brought back the connection (power off/power on).
    After the last server restart 30 minutes ago I notice that the new “background audio analysis speed” feature is starting to analyze my files all over from the beginning – this morning it already had analyzed a couple of thousand tracks and now it is back to 35 and counting… (analyzing speed seems to be approx. 1 track/minute)

    Best regards


    PS: What other features are you planning for the future ? On my wish list is amazon streaming support 🙂

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    Great description)

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    I doubt this will get an answer, but here goes.

    When will there be an update to v1.4? Or will there ever be another update to the Discovery Server?

    It seems like Elac has moved on. Also, I don’t know of any other devices that have been introduced with Roon Essentials. Is it going to fade away or just die?

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      i’m feeling the red headed step child vibe too……..what gives?

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    I doubt this will get an answer, but here goes.

    When will there be an update to v1.4? Or will there ever be another update to the Discovery Server?

    It seems like Elac has moved on. Also, I don’t know of any other devices that have been introduced with Roon Essentials. Is it going to fade away or just die?

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    hello, I’ll still update my devices, then I tell them how it goes.

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    very good inundation

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    Hey Charles or Chris Walker – Why don’t you chime in? Answer a few of your customer’s “valid” questions about the product they paid good money for! Just be transparent and tell your customers the truth. Will the Discover Server be updated ever again? I’m on version 1.5 of RE. Will we ever see 1.6?

    I’ve never seen so many user posts that begin with “Well I doubt I’ll get a response…”

    Elac – how do you stay in business? Do you really think any of your current customers would purchase another Elac product based on how you support your customers via these forums?

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