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    Hi Charles/ELAC,

    I’ve been using the Discovery Connect for several weeks now as an endpoint to the Discovery Server, and I really like it. However, I’ve used it in two different locations in my (relatively small) home and I find it “loses connection” (or just stops playing and I have to hit PLAY again). This happens often, like every 40 minutes or so, but randomly. Is this a known issue and will there be a FW update to address it? Other endpoints (Chord Poly) do not exhibit this behavior when connected to the Discovery Server.


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    Yes, I’d like to know the answer to this question too – hopefully in a more timely fashion. I’m enjoying my Elac Discovery Server, and I’m looking into other Elac products – but boy the support responses are far and few between! Charles or Chris Walker – you need to start being more responsive to your customer base. It seems like Elac puts a minimum value on customer/product support.

    I took a big chance on going with Elac. I was going to purchase the Bluesound Node 2i and had been very impressed with their customer/product support and forums. However, the ability to use Roon Essentials in the Elac Server changed my decision at the last moment.

    Customer/product support is just as important as the product itself. Hopefully, Elac will realize this and invest more in their support staff.



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      So, I turned on QoS for my Nighthawk router, and gave what I think is Discovery Connect a High setting (it does not show up as a recognizable product, but a component manufacturer name), and this seems to be good for the past couple days. But, i do not think I should need to do this, when Netgear does not recommend QoS for high bandwidth situations (I have 100MBS up/down on fiber). Still, if everything in my network is ok long term, I’ll likely leave it this way. I do want to register it as a potential issue for Elac to look into, though. Thanks.

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      Charles Mallari

      Hello John,

      So the problem is with the connect and yet other endpoints don’t have the problem? This is the first I’ve seen/heard of this and we use the Discovery connect all the time.

      Please email as I may need more information and diagnostic information.

      Charles Mallari

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    I experienced frequent disconnections with my unit when I first installed it. I am using it on a wired connection through an Asus router.

    On a lark, I assigned a static IP address to the unit in my router’s control panel and have not had the issue since.

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