Difference in timbre when playing AVR tone C5 v. B6

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    There is a difference in the timbre of the AVR test tone when playing through my newly purchased C5 and B6. I switched the wires running the B6 as the center speaker and the change persisted. I am wondering if this is a common occurrence or if my C5 speaker may have a blown driver. Any troubleshooting assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Chris Walker


    I will Andrew reply to this question… Should be tonight or tomorrow morning.


    Chris Walker

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    Thank you! I should clarify that when I ran the B6 as the center, the two B6 speakers (one as a center and the other as a left front) both sounded the same while the c5 (running as the right front) sounded different. The C5 consistently sounded different whether it was the center channel or not. In my mind, this eliminates the possibility that the AVR is the reason for the difference in timbre.

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    I think that is technical problem, maybe with wiring

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    I had the same problem with the tones of these two speakers. In the beginning the tones were completely different. When I purchased the C5, the tweeter was dented and the store did not have a return policy. So I fixed the tweeter myself. Now it is much better but not perfect. Please check if your tweeter is intact.

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