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    I have a Denon x1400h reciver and 2 Uni-Fi UF5, 1 Uni-Fi UC5, Uni-Fi UB5 and a SVS SB‑1000 subwoofer in a 5.1 setup.
    I been thinking of bying denon AVR-X4500H and would like to get some advice if this is a god pairing of my 5.1 setup or not. Some ekstra informasjon, I am not going to spend more money than the price of the
    Denon AVR-x4500H.

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    It should do a better job with tough loads like the UB5. It’s rated for 4 ohms. However, Yamaha receivers have more powerful amps with better authority, especially the Avantage series. The X45000H equivalent would be RX-A2080 but even the older A2070 would be a great upgrade to the entry-level X1400H.

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    On the homepage of Denon comparing the X1400H and the X4500H the specification does not mention 4ohms but in the manual of both recivers you can choose 8,6 or 4 ohms.
    I have tried the setting on the X1400H and it is possible to choose 8,6 or 4 ohms. Are they tring to confuse pepole? Have just watched youtubvideo from Andrew Jones and Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac did make something Clear but it makes me worried that the producer of the reciver can bend the truth. In the 2 NeXT days I would buy the X4500H or not buy any recivers.

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    I have now bought the Denon X4500h and wow!! it really sounds good but, now I have a new luxury problem, how to tame it so that the neighbor does not go mad or call the police.
    This is a movie dialog problem how to get the dialog higher and the rest of the setup to tone down. Another thing I had to do was set the subwoofer to negative dB, not because distortion.
    If you own the same Denon and have found a way to fix this I would be grateful for any help.

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