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    Hello experts,

    I recently paired the denon 930h with the 2 F5s, c5, 2 B5s and the 10eq sub. The receiver gets hot and having ran the audyssey setup I can max the volume and although some what loud it just doesn’t seem like it’s enough for the speakers. Is this to be expected and I just need to spend more for a louder setup?

    Thanks in advance

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello E168620,

    I looked up the specifications on that receiver and it should work well with the Debut surround setup.

    How large is your Room?

    As a test could you try running the receiver in Pure Direct Mode? When in pure Direct mode the receiver turn off all DSP Functions center and subwoofer. The towers will be running in full range by themselves, if the sound is stronger in pure direct at normal volumes than that means something occur during the Audyssey Calibration Process. I would recommend contacting Denon at that point to see if they can help you.

    Charles Mallari

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