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    Dear ELAC and Mr. Jones,

    Three weeks ago I purchased a pair of B6s from amazon. I was so shocked at the quality of the sound that I wanted to hear more. So I promptly returned the B6s even though they had not been burned in yet. I just had to get more of that ELAC and Andrew Jones sound.
    I took the money from the return and added a bit more and went out in search of a pair of UB5s. I can not believe, just when you think you heard good quality at the price of the B6s the UB5s blow your mind.

    Sadly though the seller of the UB5s failed to mention the box the UB5s come in was marked blemished. These speakers are a dream however I can not afford to replace them with a pair that is not blemished.

    After some searching I believe I have bought a pair with a green tinted midrange. Also the grille magnets have a sticky goo on them.

    Even though I stepped into a bad situation cosmetically with these. I still really enjoy them.

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