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    Sad but I just ordered and received a pair of blemished UniFi UB5 speakers from Amazon and one of them has a very loud piece rattling around inside. As best I can tell there is no issue with sound reproduction. Amazon is out of stock so I can’t reorder. Customer service is closed so I will call them tomorrow to arrange a replacement.


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    Chris Walker

    Hi BFarmer,

    I am sorry to hear that your received bad UB5.

    Please give us a call at 714-252-8843 and we can take care of this. Please ask for Cheryl Kelsheimer.


    Chris Walker

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    Thank you very much. I called today and was very well taken care of. That must have been you that I heard in the background.

    Very impressed with the quick response in the forum and from the office. Looking forward to the replacements.


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    I bought the ELAC Uni-fi UB5 Bookshelf Speakers in Aug 2017. They have probably 50hrs on them so not a lot. Because from very early on I have been struggling to fix the distortion, rattling and buzzing type of sounds at that I get at just slightly higher volumes. I have switched the interconnects from left to right, switched receivers (modern Yamaha, vintage Yamaha) and also tried the Schiit Vidar Amplifier. Distortion does not go away. When I use different Elac speakers I don’t hear the distortion.
    It looks like the problem is with the speakers. Please help. The hype on the speakers is probably true but my challenge is that I seem to have a bad pair. Yes both show this behavior as far as I can tell. Disappointed. Have also written to customer service.

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