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    Currently, I have a pair of Debut B6s paired with my Onkyo TX-NR646 (and an old Sony Sub). Now I am considering purchasing either the Debut F6s or the Unf-Fi UB5s. I know I can drive the F6s with my current receiver, but would need a new receiver for the UB5s. So I am also considering a new receiver purchase (I have no desire for all the surround sound options the 646 offers). I am currently deciding between another Onkyo or a Cambridge that will be able to drive the UB5s. My question is, for my listening and my room, will I see a big difference with the UB5s and a new receiver vs the F6s? My room is small (10×15) and my listening consists of broadcast television and vinyl records and cds (mostly rock, jazz and bluegrass).


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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Pete,

    Between the B6 and the F6 the difference is you’ll be able to play a little louder and have a little more bass extention. Within a speakers series all speaker will have a similar tonal sound. Because in a surround sound system you want all speakers to sound the same. Just like in a 2 channel system you would not use two different speakers, because they won’t sound the same. having the same speaker allows for easier blending and better imaging.

    Between the B6 and the UB5 there is a much more substantial upgrade in terms of a concentric driver, upgrade crossover and sturdier cabinet. The UB5 sounds smoother, more detailed, and despite the smaller woofer punchier and clean bass.

    With your room size, I would more likely choose the UB5. If you are using a subwoofer, you can still use your Onkyo receiver as the impedance of a speaker is different at different frequencies. And the nominal impedance based on the lowest value, not an average. Below 80 hz the Unifi is a 4 ohm speaker, above 80hz the UB5 is a 6-8ohm speaker. So if you set the speakers to small and crossover at 80hz, your receiver should be fine. But you would would see an in improvement running the speaker in full range and using a subwoofer to fill in the bottom end.

    Charles Mallari

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    Thanks so much for this info, it helps quite a bit. Good to know I can tweak my current receiver settings to go with the Uni’s!

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