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    I just bought a pair of the UB5’s, and I love them. They are paired with SVS SB-2000 sub and a Denon X3300 AVR… I have two questions:
    1. I ran the Audyssey EQ set-up, but I find the mids to be weak. I looked at the crossover setting and it was set to 40hz. I switched it to 60hz and I thought the speakers had even more life… What’s the optimum crossover range for these speakers?

    2. I have read a ton of forums and sites out there that say you should not change the ohms setting on your receiver as it will do little more than limit power consumption and clipping… My Denon is 4ohm stable, but what should I do? Switch it? Leave it? Does it really matter? Does it affect sound quality?

    Thanks for any help!!!

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    Just leave it at 8 ohm. I’ve also read the same articles about the 4 ohm switch.
    I asked Elac about the crossover settings and AJ said to set everything to 80.

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      I have recently purchased a pair of Elac Debut 2.0 B5.2.
      I have a Devon S730H 7.2 surround receiver.
      The new Elac speakers are 6 ohms. My two fronts are 8 ohms.
      Question , should I change the amp setting to 6 ohms or leave it at the default setting of 8 ohms?
      I found a label on the back of the Elac speakers that says use with a 6-8 ohm amp.
      In the future if when I upgrade my front speakers. should I try to find 6ohm s to match ? or is it of little difference?

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