"Cracking" sound after 20min listening 407 air-x + air-x base

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    I encountered it before, but thought it was a bad recording. Now I heard it again and this problem happens at all playing tracks;

    I heard a cracking sound through both speakers after listening to the music for a while. At first the music is sounding fine, but after (I think) 20 minutes of listening a “cracking sound’ appears and the sound becomes very bad (not elac worthy). I am using the air-x base which transmittes the sound wireless to my 407 air-x speakers. Unfortunately the speakers are just out of warranty for the amplifier part. Does anyone regognise these problems and knows the cause of this problem?

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    I was to quick applying this thread. I did not check the source: my bluesound node 2 with optical connection to the air-x base. Restarting the bluesound node 2 resulted in crystal clear sound…….

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