"Cracking" sound after 20min listening 407 air-x + air-x base

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    I encountered it before, but thought it was a bad recording. Now I heard it again and this problem happens at all playing tracks;

    I heard a cracking sound through both speakers after listening to the music for a while. At first the music is sounding fine, but after (I think) 20 minutes of listening a “cracking sound’ appears and the sound becomes very bad (not elac worthy). I am using the air-x base which transmittes the sound wireless to my 407 air-x speakers. Unfortunately the speakers are just out of warranty for the amplifier part. Does anyone regognise these problems and knows the cause of this problem?

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    I was to quick applying this thread. I did not check the source: my bluesound node 2 with optical connection to the air-x base. Restarting the bluesound node 2 resulted in crystal clear sound…….

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    I connected analogue from my bluesound node 2 to the air base (port 1), everything worked fine. After a few days’s I connected my tv through spdif (port 3) to the air base as an extra device: only the left channel was working. From this moment it was difficult to get a sound connected to port (1) of the air base. When I finally selected back to the analogue port (1) only the right channel is working, while the ‘on’ les of the left speaker is working and signals are accepted but there is no sound. Maybe it was not the speaker, but the air base, while this a previous setup (connected to spf dif port 2 and 3), probably also was causing problems.

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