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      Hi all,

      I’m looking to add 2 or 4 height speakers to my currently 5.1 setup but would like to keep sonic alignment across the setup.

      Is there anything in the Elac like that I can purchase that will achieve that purpose?

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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      ELAC Support

      Hello Noshy,

      The 400 line is a speaker line with JET 5. I would recommend using an On-Wall-Speaker with JET because they would harmonize together. WS 1645 would fit perfectly and it also has an additional ceiling bracket. WS 1665 is possible too. Both are available in black and white. The In-Wall DJ-61-W would work too but it has a completely different look.

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      I have a plan to use 400 series for my main lCR chanenel. Your recommendation of 1645 is fit perfectly. Just wondering what orientation should we put on the ceiling to get the best result.

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      I am looking for the right speaker for the bedroom. I like listening to jzza music and concerts before bed! Do you have any product suggestions that are right for me?

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