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      I am in the process of initial setup for an Elac Discovery server and the first step is to create a new User Account. However when I try to submit the new account I get an error “Unexpected error: Invalid Request”. I have not been able to proceed any further to get it setup. What is wrong and how can I get an account set up?

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      Today I tried to create an account for the Roon Essentials Remote App. I have the same problem to create (PC Laptop OS Windows 10) a new user account for an Elac Discovery server DS-101-G. When I submit my details for the new account I get an error “Unexpected error: Invalid Request”; Ihave not been able to proceed any further. => How can I create an new account?

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      I purchased mine today and getting exactly the same problem. Enter detail for new account submit, and get error message “unexpected error: Invalid request” cant do anything, rebooted nothing, help

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      Hello. I purchased this server as well, and found myself confronted with the same problem. In searching for a solution, I came across this forum and this specific thread. After waiting for a few days and realizing that ELAC did not care to help anyone with this issue, I decided to post on the Roon support forum. Well in order to do that, I had to create an account. In doing so I noticed that their account setup screen looked just like the one that was not working on the app. For the heck of it, I opened the app and clicked the ‘log in’ link on the account creation screen. I used the login info for the account I just created for the forum. It worked perfectly, and a short time later I was enjoying the discovery server. I don’t have the link handy, but a simple web search for ‘roon support forum’ will get you there. Just click the ‘log in’ button, and create an account. Unless I’m special, that info will get your app and server running. Good luck to all.

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