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    What is the recommended time/method for breaking in Uni-Fis?

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    I like to listen to speakers for an hour or so when new. Then, I put them in my garage, wire one speaker out of phase and leave them playing high res, ‘audiophile’ recordings that will exercise all drivers full range, on a loop at normal/slightly above normal volume for 30-50 hours. With one speaker wired out of phase of the other, much of the sound energy will cancel…place a heavy blanket over the pair and they won’t make much sound at all to annoy.

    Once this is done, I listen to compare. This eliminates the variable of my ears/brain adjusting to the characteristics of the new or fresh speaker and/or when breaking in.

    I did this with a new pair of B6s just last weekend. The treble is now much less harsh and the bass is somewhat less bloated (I have a nearly all concrete room that is tough to tame at low freqs). I’m excited to get a pair of UB5 to compare against the B6, I’ll keep whatever I like best…

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    Chris Walker


    The speakers should sound good right out of the box, however Andrew usually lets speakers break in for a good 24 hours before he uses them at a show. The speakers usually sound a bit more relaxed.


    Chris Walker

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