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    Hi-I purchased a pair of the new Adante AS-61 stand mount speakers. At the moment, I’m powering them with an Onkyo A-9050 integrated amp at 75wpc at 8 ohms and 65wpc at 4ohms. First off, the Adantes sound AMAZING!!! I bought them last week and have spent hours playing cds and vinyl I’ve had for years. In many cases its like listening to these recordings for the first time with many recordings never sounding this good to actually hearing instruments I hadn’t heard before! So, thank you Andrew Jones and Elac! But back to my question. For years I’ve always had separate amps and preamps(i.e. Phase Linear, Rotel and Carver C-4000 Holographic preamp for examples powering Dahlquist DQ-10 speakers). After losing this system a couple of years ago, I purchased the Onkyo 9050 and a pair of Debut F5 towers. The Onkyo sounded great with the Debuts but I know the Adantes can perform better with an upgraded amp. I would like to keep a replacement integrated amp under $1500. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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    I guess that no one else has attempted connecting the Adante AS-61 monitors with an integrated amp or maybe no one had any suggestions? Oh well, for anyone who might attempt this coupling, after reading many glowing reviews, I purchased the Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amp(80wpc into 8 ohms and 120wpc into 4 ohms). To my ears, this amp sounds great with the Adantes. I’m also using the Cambridge CXC cd transport and the Elac S10 Debut sub which I had from my previous system. Though I’m sure the new Adante sub is a higher quality component, the S10 compliments the AS-61s well enough for now. Maybe the Adante sub down the road. I would still be curious to hear from others who might power the Adantes with an integrated amp.

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    I next tried matching the AS-61 with a Naim Uniti Atom stereo integrated amp.

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      Charles Mallari

      Nice! Let me know your impressions.

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      Hi-You said that you “next” tried the Naim with the Adantes. What amp or integrated amp did you try before the Naim and how does the Naim sound with the Adantes? Thanks.

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    Viewed from the outside, the Adante AS-61 speaker looks as if it has just one woofer — a front-mounted 8” cone. But that’s actually a passive radiator not driven by the amplifier. Instead, inside the speaker is a 6.5” woofer that is driven by the amp.

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    Four months after I asked this question here in the Elac Forum, I feel that I have resolved this/my dilemma. For me personally, the answer is to take a very good integrated amp and use it as a pre-amp with an excellent power amp. A few days ago, I purchased the Audio Alchemy DPA-1 amplifier(125wpc 8 ohms and 200wpc 4 ohms) which I connected with my current Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amp. After many hours of listening, I feel that I have finally found the combination that really makes the Adante AS-61 speakers perform, if not to their ultimate level, close enough for me! As good as the Adantes sounded with the Cambridge, I was immediately struck by the elevated sound quality with the DPA-1. Increased low level bass response, broader soundstage and beautiful imaging. The Alchemy amp simply supplies the power that these speakers demand. It’s funny to think back when I purchased these speakers in December, hooked them up to a good but basic Onkyo integrated amp(75wpc) and thought that they performed well. Little did I realize at the time what the Adantes could really sound like with the appropriate power amp! Anyway, I hope my experience might help others in combining these fine speakers with the components that best match their performance demands.

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