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    I have just set up my Discovery, with FLAC files on a USB thumb drive plugged into it.

    Did it that way because I have not been able to create a shared folder with my Mac.

    Most songs do not finish, and a quickly disappearing error msg shows on my iPad to the effect that there is a problem with file loading speed.

    That seems strange, since the drive is connected directly to the Discovery.

    Is there a better/faster file storage method?

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello MCVinyl,

    Have you tried a restarting the Discovery? Just plugging and unplugging.

    I can help with share a folder on the Mac..

    Charles Mallari

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    Thanks for your help, I’ve been really busy the last few days, hence my late reply.

    The file loading issue sorted itself out after a couple of days. Typical computer stuff: problem has no apparent cause, resolves itself somehow over time and restarts.

    I do need help with the folder share. I followed the instructions that you gave me previously with no luck. In the meantime I did run a LAN cable to the Discovery (in lieu of the wifi link) so that might help.


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