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    Hello Team,
    i´m a new user and I hope I get some helpful answers for my problem.
    First: I bought me an elac discovery server and I´m totally excited.
    Installing easy, very good software. Everything’s fine.
    But now, unfortunately, some probs appear.
    Here my setup: 1. elac discovery music server (standalone), 2. hardrive (externally)
    connected to the elac, 3. elac connected per wire with Lan. Everything works fine.

    But now my questions:

    Tried to backup my all the data, which are stored in elac-server (core), to dropbox.
    Too big data (21500 titles). I have to buy more space. And second it´s very, very slow backing up (about 10 hours for 50%).

    So I tried to backup on harddisk connected to the server (elac), therefore I put off the harddisc and connect backup disk (formatted hfs+, exFat wouldn´t be recognized).
    New HD will be identified but it comes a message „cannot generate backup folder“.
    Tried several HD´s. No chance. Now I´m really confused, how should I back up?

    And here comes next issue, when I connect back my music-harddisc, every data will be rescanned and re-indexed. What is the problem? Sometimes I will update my music, so I have to connect to my macbook. Connecting back to elac-server – Ihave to wait and wait. It´s annoying.
    There must be a chance. Ain´t i thinking straight?

    Hopefully somebody can help.


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