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    I have been looking into purchasing a pair of Debut B6 speakers to replace a worn out pair of Paradigms.
    I plan to run them with my old NAD 7020e receiver, but I am concerned about watt per channel requirements. I have driven Paradigms and large Cerwin Vegas in the past with no issue.
    Of course, I could purchase a new, more powerful receiver (the NAD is conservatively rated at 20 watts per channel), but I am very fond of the receiver, and would hate to part with it.
    Any thoughts or opinions would be gratefully appreciated.
    Best wishes,

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    you have a query on the match of Elac B6 with Nad series amplifier. I am from India and recently bought B5 with cambridge audio amplifier. I already have a Nad amp C325BEE and I am using this from last 8.5 years. I checked these Elac speakers with my Nad amp. I find it quite satisfactory. Nad is a very dynamic amp and the speakers are very subtle in their response. However you can take your amp to the dealer and check with different type of music of your liking. I feel it matches however everyone has different ears and different modes of satisfaction.

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