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    I recently ordered 2 pairs of B5’s to use as a surround sound system. I haven’t received them yet. Does anyone know if they can be mounted to the wall? Do they have a mounting system? Or do they just sit on a shelf? I don’t see anything on the pictures in the web sight.

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Val,

    Yes, they can be mounted. No, they don’t come with a mounting system.

    Due to the weight of the speakers, we are concerned the speakers may fall, so we highly recommend contacting a local professional to install them. We prefer a tray style speaker mount that hold the speaker from the bottom and screw into the speakers from screws on both sides. This ensure the speakers are properly supported and won’t slide off the tray. Within reason, screw holes will not void warranty, but if the speaker looks like swiss cheese from mistakes the warranty maybe void. Use appropriate screws for 5/8 inch MDF, drill pilot holes, and follow the directions on the mounting brackets.

    No we don’t have a specific brand we recommend.

    Charles Mallari

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    Appreciate the quick response.

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