Anyone tried the uni-fi's with a tube amp?

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    I am building out a new media room and planning on a 5.1.4 system using 2-UF5’s, 1-UC5 and 1-S12EQ SW in front and 2-UB5’s in the back. I’m also targeting the Marantz SR-7010 AVR rated for (165 W + 165 W @ 6 Ω/ohms, 1 kHz with 0.7 % T.H.D.). The receiver does have a 4-ohm connection as well. This wil be an upgrade to an older Onkyo AVR and Carver Cinema System 5.2 speakers

    I focus more on (FLAC and Apple Lossless)) music than HT and have a stand-alone, very nice, (proudly-built) Bob Latino VTA ST120 tube amp conservatively rated for 60W/ch @ 8 ohms (also has 4 & 6 ohm transformer taps). I am running that purely as a 2-ch using an Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DAC and (original-owner) JBL L-166 speakers. I love the sound of this rig but I’ve been listening to these speakers for 40 years and feeling up for a change. So, while I am feeling confident that the Marantz will drive the Uni-Fi’s just fine in my medium-sized room (12-feet from speakers)

    I am curious about the match-up with the UF5’s if I ran the 60 W tube amp for the front main speakers? That would be in both 2-ch pure-direct mode and also in the 5.1.4 mode?

    Would love some feedback/thoughts from ELAC and others perhaps more knowledgeable about the potential compatibility.

    Thx. jasn54

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