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    I have a pretty small room. 11’x12′. 65″ TV. I have the B6’s in another room and love them, and wondered about which configuration would be adequate enough for my small theater room. Mostly would use for movies, and I’d like to build a decent Atmos system.

    I could go with cheapest option:
    Debut Package (4 B4, Center)
    4 A4

    Or step up to B5 or B6’s in the front, and B4’s for the rear

    Or even further step up to Unifi UB5’s for the front.

    How much of a difference would these configurations make, and would it be worth the extra cost? I also heard Andrew Jones talk about the importance of identical speakers all the way around.

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    I would stick to the B4/A4 combo and invest in a second sub to smoothen out the bass response and make it more consistent from seat to seat.

    Also, IF 12′ is your room length, any chance of placing your seating 4′ from the back wall? That will insure you’re not sitting in a bass null.

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      Yes, I can do 4′ from the wall. This should also allow me to put the surrounds further behind me which is recommended as opposed to parallel to my seating on the left and right, correct?

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      Also, if recommending 2 subs… for this size room, will the S10’s be ok, or worth twice the price for the S10EQ’s?

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