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    Dear Elac,

    3 years ago I bought a set of wonderful EM180 speakers. I love them (combined with a subwoofer). I use them with TOSLNK. A bit over a year ago one of the speakers (never moved from it’s position got a very cracking noise that disappeared after a few weeks. Recently it cam back. I just switched the position of the left and right speaker to see if it could be interference, and the crackling stayed in that speaker. What I am afraid of is that every time a song or programme ends on my PC, there is a high peak sound occurring, this is an issues that is know with you since i have talked with service about that just after i bought the speaker.

    Even though the speaker is three years I think this is not really acceptable for such a high end product.

    What would you recommend doing?

    Thank you so much

    Best regards

    Patrick / Denmark, Elacs bought via a German website

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    Dear Patrick,

    thanks for your question.
    Regarding the crackling noise, I’m afraid that the speaker should be sent to us for checking.
    Please contact me under how to proceed. Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Bjarne from ELAC

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