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    Dear All,

    When I open the Roon Essentials app via my Iphone 6, this instantly finds the Elac Discovery, I can operate all settings without any problem.
    In the attic, in my home cinema, I connected the Elac Discovery Analogue and Digital to my Pioneer SC-LX87.
    Downstairs in the living room I have an Airport Express (Gen. 2 upgrade to Airplay 2) which is connected to my Denon AVR via analog cable.

    So the zones are:
    Homecinema Analog
    Homecinema Digital
    Pioneer SC-LX87
    Airport Express

    When I switch between zones this works very well but when I switch to the Airport Express zone and push the start button, it immediately goes into pause, pushed back to play a few times but immediately back in pause!
    I am using a wireless system from Devolo (1200 + wifi) and first thought of the dual band of 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
    I have tried all the settings: both bands, only the 2.4GHZ and only the 5 GHZ, this does not matter.
    The Airport Express is recognized but I can not play it.

    Can anyone help with a solution?

    PS. the latest version 1.3 has been installed


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    Another addition to the topic.

    With Itunes I also tried this via the streaming button, and there I can choose again between the Pioneer SC-LX87 and the Airport Express. If I select the Airport Express it will play without any problems on the Airplay Express. (Via aux in from my Denon amplifier)


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    Another addition to the topic.

    Also with Spotify with my Iphone 6 I can stream over Airplay to the Airport Express without any problems!
    Why it doesn’t work from de elac Disccovery?

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    Hello Rudolfie,

    The problem you have has something to do with upgrading to airplay 2 when you go to your older Firmware 7.6.9 on the airport Express.

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    Yes, Roon Essentials does not properly support Airplay2. I have to downgrade also, but it’s very easy to do.

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