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    My Discovery is connected to a Questyle CMA600i Headphone Amp with DAC. Via SPDIF the DAC supports up to 24/192.

    When playing 24bit/96khz AIFF material from a USB drive connected to Discovery server, there is no sound. Roon essentials fully idenfifies the file and shows it as playing.

    Any suggestions?

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    I had this problem as well…very odd. And now none of my files will play anymore. Looking forward to a solution. thx.

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    I am in contact with ELAC support and waiting for a reply. I have to limit the sampling rate to 48khz in Roon to play the files. If 16 or 24 bit doesn‘t matter…


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    Hi everyone,
    I posted the exact same thing a week or so ago, then today found this post, so here goes again.

    I have my Elac Discovery connected both to my DAC and analog1 to my amp, although it will play a 96k 24bit track through analog1, it won’t to my DAC, which usually handles these sample rates when input is from my Mac Mini.

    It is a depressing reality, from my experience so far and from reading a lot of other people’s submissions that Elac don’t seem to be listening any more. I hope, Elac, that you are listening after all, and will continue to develop this great little product of your, please don’t leave us all in the lurch after we have had the faith to purchase it.

    The disclaimer on their website at the end of specifications is worrying;
    ‘Third Party content services may be changed, suspended, interrupted, or discontinued at any time without notice, and ELAC disclaims any liability in connection with such occurrences.’
    If this was to happen, we would all be left with a very expensive BRICK!

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