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      Why isn’t there a dedicated Adante page on this forum and also why is so much of spam on it?

      Anyways I have upgraded to the AF61 from the UB5. What is the recommended break in period for them? What changes to expect post break in? Also what is the ideal toe in for these?

      I power them with the Peachtree Nova 300 and source is the Elac Discovery? When is the roon update coming to the discovery?


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      ELAC Support

      Hello AjitMoses,

      Why isn’t there a dedicated Adante page on this forum? Good Question I’ll talk to my team.

      Why is so much of spam on it? I try to delete it as soon as possible.

      What is the recommended break in period for them? 60 hours Andrew when breaking in a speaker for development will Start the speaker on a friday afternoon and we’ll turn of the system when the team gets in the office. This is usually sufficient time to get the speaker

      What changes to expect post break in? They should sound good out of the box, and warm up overtime as the parts break in.

      I power them with the Peachtree Nova 300 and source is the Elac Discovery. How does that sound? Peachtree Audio sell excellent products, I’m sure a lot of Elac members would love to know your thoughts on that pairing.

      When is the roon update coming to the discovery? The Roon Essential and Full Roon follow different update paths. I cannot guarantee any added features other than maintaining Roon Essential’s current feature set. We fully intend on provide bug fixes and updates to keep it a viable product for years to come.

      Charles Mallari

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      I strongly second this!

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      I don’t agree that they sound good out of the box. I got my AF61’s a few weeks ago and they did not sound very good at all. It took about 15 hours for the bass to kick in and the high end that was strident at first has smoothed out after about 25 hours. They are still to hot for my taste on some material but sound better as time goes on. I think it will take several more weeks for them to settle in and I will investigate the use of sound diffraction at the primary reflection points. The tweeters are at least a foot higher than my previous speakers. I will state they can put out some prodigious bass now that they have loosened up.

      I have them in a 12X16 room that is carpeted and is not super live, the Dynaudio stand mounted speakers sounded fine in that room. They are 3 ft out into the room and 3-4 ft from each side wall. The equipment they mated with –

      PS Audio Stellar m700 monoblocks
      Rogue RP5 preamp
      PS Audio DirectStream DAC
      Mac Mini music server using Amarra
      Onkyo CD Player
      Music Hall MMF7 turntable.

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      I now have 5-600 hours on the AF61’s and have to say they still sound too hot to my ears. I know they changed the tweeters in these speakers early on and was wondering if I got a pair with the earlier tweeters, my sn’s are very early –


      I had to teke the drivers out of one speaker because it had less bass than the other, I found some unsealed joints and remedied that. They both sound the same now. I also noticed there is no acoustic treatment in the cavity with the mid/tweeter, there is acoustic treatment (1cm thick coarse damping material) in the three low frequency cavities. Shoud the mid/ tweeter cavity have acoustic treatment?

      iI bought some power resistors and am about to try placing an ohm or two in the tweeter line to lower the HF output – can you tell me what value might be best to drop the tweeter level by 2-3 DB?


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      Dave Thoo

      HI all

      I put 1 ohm power resistor in to attenuate the HF on my new pair of Adante Af-61’s.

      It did precisely what I was looking for and now the treble is on right level and no more being over emphasized.

      It sure is a cheap cure until the speakesr break-in properly. I will check the situation again after 100 – 200 hours of listening.

      All the best.

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      Dave Thoo


      So, the 1 ohm resistor trick worked for a while. I have experienced these speakers becoming a bit hot on the mid & top end as listening hours accumulate. This should be the opposite. Sound is at the same time improving, the bass or lower end overall, but the mids and high seem to start fatiguing my ears. The irritation is fixed to certain and quite narrow frequency areas.This is a very sad development indeed!

      I will work with these speaker s bit more but this is first time ever I have think kind of problems with speakers and I have had my share of them!

      All the best

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      It took hundreds of hours for my AF61’s to calm down but they did eventually get house broken. I had to shim the back up by at least 1/2″ to get the high end right. They really should have swapped the upper woofer and the high/mid to get the tweeters at ear level.

      I’m listening to them now (Hot Tuna “keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning”)and they really are a great speaker if you have the patience to wait for them. Just be aware the will not gloss over a poorly made recording. I’m powering them with a pair of PS Audio M700 monoblocks and I just installed a pair of home made Blue jeans 4s11 cables and that brought them up a notch – detailed but not harsh. At $1.63 per foot plus terminations it’s a great deal. I terminated themselves with banana’s at the amps and spades at the speakers. i do use a NHT sub with them.

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      Dave Thoo

      Thx for your tips.

      But, I decided that I will not accept hundreds of hours break-in spoiling my very dearest hobby for that long a time.

      Also, headaches really were hard to tolerate. The sonic hardness was simply too much to my hearing!

      So, I sold the damn Adantes & now enjoy music again with a pair of brand new speakers that sounded fabulous right out-f-the-box, as it should be, & they keep improving all the time, as it should be too.

      All the best!

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